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Why Faith Prep?

Why Faith Prep: The Faith Prep Difference


At Faith Prep, we combine the latest technology with traditionally taught classes. Students receive quality education with standards that exceed that of the public school. 


In addition to academic excellence, the Faith Prep difference can be summed up in one word, family. Our teachers and administration seek to create positive bonds that foster impactful childhood experiences that have a definite outcome on the spiritual and mental health of our students. We believe that when someone is healthy internally, they will succeed externally. Consequently, we pay special attention to students who are experiencing unique challenges that are negatively impacting their adolescence. Our teachers will often invest in personal mentoring with these students, including after school tutoring to make sure their unique situations are not holding them back from learning and becoming the person God designed them to be. Additionally, the pastors at our Church are intentionally involved in various programs  to invest in being a positive role model to our students, showing them God’s unconditional love. The personal investment from our staff is possible because of our low student-to-teacher ratio, and truly enables each student to be a part of our greater family. 

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