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Elementary School


Kindergarten is an integral part of Faith Preparatory School’s Elementary School. Our program is designed to provide a nurturing and supportive environment where young students can explore, learn, and grow. Our experienced teacher guides students through a curriculum that emphasizes creativity, imagination, and play-based learning while ensuring that the students are excelling academically. 


Our classroom is equipped with visuals of numbers, cursive and print alphabet, and other relevant teaching aids to facilitate a smooth and efficient learning process. In Kindergarten, students learn various essential classroom skills such as raising their hand, standing in line, sitting at their desk, and listening to instructions. These skills help to boost their confidence and enable them to socialize with their peers and teachers effectively. 


At Faith Preparatory School, we believe in a well-grounded education that includes both academic and creative activities. Therefore, while our Kindergarten students adjust to the routine of being in a structured classroom environment, they have closed-classroom lunches and activity times before joining the rest of Elementary School for joint activities such as lunch and daily chapel. 


Our Kindergarten program is designed to help students learn and develop skills such as counting, reading, writing, and problem-solving. We also encourage creativity and imagination, which helps our students think outside the box. Kindergarten students have a designated daily Recess time to build relationships with their classmates and release energy through healthy play either in the gymnasium or on the outside playground. Additionally, students also partake in a variety of organized weekly specials such as Art, Music, Gym, and Spanish Class.


Additionally, the Kindergarten Class does an in-depth study of Safari Animals throughout creative visuals that are presented at our annual Academic Fair.


Field Trips may include visits to the park or zoo. 


Overall, our Kindergarten program provides a nurturing and supportive environment for students to launch their academic career. 

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