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International Students

Faith Preparatory School (FPS) welcomes international students to grades 7-12 (ages 12 to 18) who desire to have a college-preparatory, biblically-based education.


International Students Forms:

We hope the following forms help you with the requirements needed to apply, be accepted, and enroll, in order to acquire an I-20 as a full-time student at FPS.

The process can take about 2-6 weeks.

All requested documents should be faxed (with cover page) to the attention of the International Student Advisor, Sheryl Moylan (fax #860.210.3685).

For more information contact us

Ivy International Group


Ivy International Group is recognized as one of the top educational placement agencies for students from China. Ivy works with over 120 private high schools and supports hundreds of students, with offices and representatives in US cities such as Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore and Chicago as well as representatives from Chinese cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Ivy International Group is well equipped to offer Partner Schools and their students unparalleled support and expertise.


Northeast Student Consulting


Northeast Student Consulting LLC (NESC), headquartered in the state of Connecticut, is an American company specialized in education consulting and service. Located in Northeast corridor of United Stated between cities of Boston and New York, NESC is dedicated to providing comprehensive supervision and homestay service to international students enrolled into US private schools.

Contact infoTel: 888-742-NESC (6372) or 95040346420 (中国免费直拨)

Apex International Education Partners


We currently work with AIEP (Apex International Education Partners), a professional agency specializing in guardianship programs for international students from Asia.

International students from Asia who wish to apply for admission to Faith Preparatory, agencies representing international students, and families interested in learning more about hosting international students should contact AIEP at, +01 203.992.2437

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