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International Students

At Faith Preparatory School, we pride ourself in being multicultural and diverse. We believe that hosting international students is not only a great way to promote this values and global awareness, but it also presents a unique opportunity for our students to grow in relationship and learn about other cultures. Our international students come from different countries and backgrounds, which provides our American students with a chance to interact and learn from people who have different experiences and perspectives. By including international students in everything available to our American students, we are fostering a sense of community and building a global perspective for all. 


Furthermore, hosting international students also provides opportunity for families within our school community to house the students, which can be a rewarding experience for both the family and the student. This cultural exchange not only enriches the lives of the host family and the international student, but also creates a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone at our school. 


Overall, we believe that hosting international students is an important part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion at Faith Preparatory School. It is our hope that by embracing cultural differences and promoting global awareness, we can help prepare our students to become responsible and compassionate members of our society. 

To inquire more about our International Program please contact our Assistant Principal Judy Dumas at

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