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High School

Ninth Grade

Ninth Grade is a pivotal year in a student’s academic journey. It marks the beginning of High School and sets the foundation for a successful High School career. At Faith Preparatory School, Ninth Grade students are provided with a comfortable and supportive atmosphere that helps them navigate through a new environment and schedule. 


The Ninth Grade curriculum is designed to promote self-discovery and growth, providing students with a well-rounded education with a rotating classroom schedule that covers core subjects such as History, English, Math, Science and Bible. In addition, students have the opportunity to explore their interests and talents through a range of elective classes that vary per year and offer a diverse range of subjects such as Cooking, Photography, Nature Studies, Drama, Current Events and more. 


In Ninth Grade, students attend a Bible class lecture hall with Tenth and Eleventh Grade students. The curriculum is hand-crafted and taught by Faith Ministries’ pastoral team and follows a three-year rotation that dives deeper into the foundations laid in Middle School. Topics covered are Old Testament Studies, New Testament Studies, and Theology and Practical Living. 


In History, students explore World geography and Cultural Diversity, learning about the cultural similarities and differences of each of the countries in the world today. Students in Ninth Grade will have an opportunity to enhance their knowledge as they participate in an extensive country research project where students will study an assigned country and present their findings to their classmates through a visual and oral presentation. English class is divided into studies of Grammar and Themes in Literature from a Christian perspective. Students will read Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare along with other excepts of literature to prepare them for their character analysis project. 


The Ninth Grade Math class is structure to provoke and develop analytical thinking and reasoning skills through the study of Algebra 1. Throughout this class, as students build on their knowledge from Pre-Algebra, they  will develop problem-solving skills accompanied by speed and accuracy in computation. In Science, students increase their knowledge based on the foundation that was set in Sixth Grade as they study Physical Science. Topics will cover the structure of matter, changes in matter, matter in motion, and waves and energy. Science class is structured with numerous teaching styles to accommodate all learning styles such as hands-on activities, lecture-based classes, and student discussions.


Students in Ninth Grade participate in an in-depth study of the Chemistry of Life, with a focus on organic compounds and the development of organic chemistry related to macronutrients and polymers in our foods. Students will present their findings at our annual Academic Fair. 


In addition to Ninth Grade’s core subjects and elective classes, their curriculum includes Spanish 1 and a Writing Workshop, where students learn college-level formats for scholarly research and academic-based papers. Additionally, Ninth Graders will participate in PSATs facilitated at Faith Preparatory School, preparing them for college entrance exams. Students in Ninth Grade also have the option to apply for an internship through Faith Ministries. Internships include Media and TV Production, Sound Engineering, Elementary Student Teaching, Web Designing, and Music Production. These opportunities not only offer hands-on experiences but also help students explore their interests and passions, paving the way for future career opportunities. 


Overall, Ninth Grade provides students with the opportunity to challenge themselves academically, social, and personally. With the right mindset and support from teachers and family, Ninth Graders can set themselves up for success in High School and Beyond. 

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