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Core Values

At Faith Prep, we have five core values that are set up to be an acronym for the word FAITH: 


F: FIRST GOD. We place an emphasis on putting God first in all we do, emphasizing commitment, dedication, and faithfulness. To prioritize the Lord, students attend a daily chapel along with a monthly REVIVE Chapel. Additionally, students have Bible class as one of their main subjects that is taught daily. 


A: ACADEMICS. We believe in promoting knowledge, wisdom, and excellence. Our primary curriculum provides an academically rigorous standard with a strong Biblical worldview. Faith Prep proudly showcases their academics through an annual Academic Fair, where students are provided with an opportunity to delve deeper into an academic topic and showcase their findings through means of research papers and visuals to parents, peers, and teachers. 


I: INNOVATION. We desire to inspire creativity, originality, and leadership among our students. We implement innovation by enhancing our learning experiences through the use of technology. To accommodate this, students in 5th-12th grade receive a Chromebook for the duration of the school year. Additionally, we provide internships to High School students to enhance their skills beyond academics and through measures such as music, graphic design, sound engineering and more. Our elementary school focuses on fostering innovation by integrating visual art, music, and hands-on learning opportunities into weekly routines. 


T: TEAM. We value uniting as a team as we promote cooperation, assistance, and accountability. We prioritize fostering a sense of teamwork and growth across all aspects of our school experiences. 


H: HONOR. We stress the characteristics of integrity, reliability, reputation, honesty, and responsibility. We believe in recognizing those who demonstrate these honorable characteristics through means of awards, acknowledgment, and reward. 

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