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Middle School

Sixth Grade

As students enter Sixth Grade, they embark on a new and exciting journey that involves having a rotating classroom schedule, developing deeper peer connections, and exploring elective-based classes.


To provide an enriching learning experience, students will have an assigned homeroom teacher and rotate to different classes for their various core subjects. This allows students to experience a change of scenery and teaching style throughout their daily academics. 


In Sixth Grade, students attend a Bible class lecture hall with Seventh and Eighth Grade. The curriculum is hand-crafted and taught by Faith Ministries’ pastoral team and follows a three-year rotation that covers Old Testament Studies, New Testament Studies, and Theology and Practical Living. This provides students with a strong foundation in Biblical knowledge and prepares them to delve deeper into these topics when they enter High School.


Throughout History class, students will learn about ancient civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Persia, the Byzantine Empire, and Middle Age Europe. In English Class, students will explore reading, spelling, grammar, and writing areas, and built upon the fundamentals of grammar that were taught throughout Elementary School. This class features spelling with Latin and Greek-derived prefixes, suffixes, and roots, writing a professional business letter, a personal narrative,  and reading excerpts of literature such as The Jungle Book. 


In Math class, students will learn various techniques to equip them for advanced math throughout the remainder of their academic career. Such methods include the Fraction Theory and introduction to plane figure geometry. In Science, students gain exposure to the basics of Science, covering topics from energy in motion to the intricate details of the human body. Sixth Grade will also participate in hands-on planet and seedling growth projects. 


To further enhance their learning experience, students will do a comprehensive study on a featured country to research for our annual Academic Fair. Students will showcase their research and findings to their peers, the student body, and our parents. 


Apart from their daily core subjects, Sixth Grade students will also partake in a weekly Art, Spanish, Theatre, and Physical Education class. They also have the privilege of attending a weekly Creative Lab, where they are exposed to additional pieces of literature and helped to develop their writing skills. Additionally, students have the ability to choose from a selection of elective classes to explore their interests in other subjects and hobbies, such as photography, crafting, life skills, and more. 


Field trips may include visiting a space observatory, Mystic Aquarium, and the Connecticut Science Center. 


Students in Middle School all participate in daily recess time to build relationships with their peers and release energy through healthy play either outside or in our gymnasium.


Overall, the Sixth Grade curriculum is designed to allow students to explore their interests and develop new skills, equipping them for change as they enter their adolescent years. 

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