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We prayed a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to intervene in (our daughters) academics and

learning. In her first few years at Faith Prep we saw tremendous improvements not only in her

grades but also in her attendance and motivation - practically every aspect improved. We

couldn’t imagine her thriving anywhere else. The emphasis and structure of learning Bible

and having daily chapel to start the day has been exactly what she needed. It’s a joy to be a part

of something so enriching that is shaping her future for the better! I am grateful for the various

pastors and teachers who have been shepherding her in their faithfulness to the generations!

Parent of a 5th Grader

My son has attended Faith Prep for two years, and is currently thriving in fourth grade.

Previously, he attended public school and was also homeschooled for one year. He has always

been a reluctant reader and I have watched him flourish during his time at Faith. He went

from fighting me to read to begging me to buy a book series. As a teacher myself, I could not

have been happier to see this change. The teachers and staff at Faith Prep have always been

helpful and supportive. Additionally, the Christian based curriculum has allowed my child to

grow in his relationship with Christ.

Parent of a 4th Grader

We certainly consider it a privilege to attend Faith Prep and know that our boys are enjoying

their experience there. It is evident that the teachers bring more than skill to the classroom,

but also a lot of heart and care for the students. Our boys were recently in a public school

environment which has evolved in recent years and has drifted far from the values we hold as a

faith-based family. Our desire is to train our boys with more than just an education, but also train

them up in a way that they should go and grow from boys to men - true men that love and

respect, as God has intended. We appreciate that Faith Prep exists and is an academic haven for

our boys.

Parents of a 5th and 8th Grader

Faith Preparatory School truly “trains a child up in the way they must go, so that when they are

older they do not depart from it.” With foundational principles at hand, Faith Preparatory

School has been the best thing that has happened to my girls. Their spiritual joy and

academic success shines like a beacon of hope. As a New York Medical College graduate, I

have experienced a lot of schooling and have high expectations and the education at Faith

Preparatory School is organized like no school I have ever seen. At Faith Prep, the high

school has a brilliantly organized schedule with daily chapel and main academics in the

morning, followed by amazing choices of electives and Bible class in the afternoon. At Faith

Prep, I know my children are not just educated but also loved, nurtured, and counseled. Best of

all, incorporating a Biblical Worldview into all that they do is the most important aspect that

creates the tools for success in all areas of life so that they are truly prepared to step forward

upon graduation into God’s promise for victory. Thank you Faith Prep for changing our lives!

Parent of a 10th and 12th Grader

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