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Children Singing in a Choir

The Arts

At Faith Preparatory School, we strongly believe in the importance of exploring and nurturing the creative abilities of our students. We encourage our students to express themselves through various forms of art, music, and drama, and provide them with ample opportunities to develop and showcase their talents. 


Our Music Program offers a weekly class for all Elementary School students that focuses on choral performance and instrumental learning, including bells, the recorder, and hand drums. Students in Middle and High School have the ability to audition to be a part of our Worship-based band and choir. Additionally, after-school music lessons are available to students in all grades, including pianos, drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, and ukulele. Our students have the opportunity to showcase their musical talents at our annual Christmas and Spring Concert. 



Faith Prep, home of the Bulldogs, has the ability to offer various sports to students starting in 2nd GradeThe sports offered are determined based on the interests and participation levels of the current student body. Nonetheless, we strive to provide opportunities for our students to participate in a variety of sports, promoting healthy competition and physical fitness.

Elementary Sports 
  • Basketball Training Camp (Girls & Boys)

  • Soccer Training Camp (Girls & Boys)

  • Track & Field (Girls & Boys)

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